Pace Shar Pei



First I want to say that I have very good quality shar pei but not perfect no one does.  There are no perfectly clean bloodlines in any breed.  I just pick very carefully when buying one.  I study the breeder and get well informed.  I can tell you that In over 20 years I have never ever had a shar pei with "shar pei fever".  I can tell you that none of my shar pei have ever had any major illness.  I have dealt with allergies a time or 2 in the past but nothing i couldn't keep under control.  I would never ever breed any shar pei with any major health issues.  

Some shar pei can have inhalent allergies which are easily treated with over the counter benedryl.  These usually only occur with a high pollen count.  Benedryl is safe for any age and can be used for a prolonged period of time if needed.  Food allergies from time to time.  Usually if they have food allergies it is to corn, soy or chicken.  Just make sure you feed them good quality dog food.  If they do happen to come up with food allergies just start eliminating those and see.  Our dogs do not have food allergies and we feed our dogs Wholesome chicken and rice and have had no issues.

Shar Pei Fever

None of our dogs have had this.  This is not something to expect but you need to be aware because it can come up at anytime.  Untreated it can lead to renal failure.  People think it is a death sentence but it is not.  They get high fevers with a swollen hock.  It can be painful when they have an episode. It doesn't necessarily shorten the life of the shar pei.  Treat it properly with a fever reducer and the dog should recover with no ill effects.  It is believed that a stress factor can cause an episode.  Please consult your veterinarian if your pei comes up with this.

Elongated Soft Palate-pets with short muzzles such as shar pei, pugs, french bulldogs etc, some are born with an elongated soft palate which overlaps and partially blocks the entrance of the windpipe.  This can make breathing difficult and should not be left untreated can cause respiratory issues.  Treatment varies could wait to see if they grow out of it or if severe a minor surgery

Entropion-Because of the folds of the skin which characterise the shar pei breed some shar pei can have eye problems due to entropion. It is a condition when the eyelids roll into the eye resulting in eyelashes scratching the surface of the eye.  This can be fixed with surgery. 

Any other information on the health of the shar pei can be found on the Chinese Shar Pei Club of America website.  As always please consult your veterinarian if their are any health concerns