Pace Shar Pei


Welcome to Pace Shar- Pei! We are located just minutes south of Nashville Tn.  We breed for healthy, happy and sound dogs with excellent temperaments.   We have experience with Shar-Pei for over 20 years.   All of our shar- pei are AKC registered and our boys are AKC DNA verified. We are members of the AKC Bred with HEART program.  We genetically health test our dogs . We follow a strict regimen of taking our dogs to the vet for regular check ups, shots and heart worming as well as parasite control.We also do some health testing as well.  We find Premier Vet of Smyrna to be the best for our shar- pei.  Our dogs are raised inside our home with our children with lots of love and care. Our home and Kennels have been inspected by authorities and we have passed with flying colors.  Inspectors have said we have the cleanest and nicest place for our dogs.We work very hard to ensure the health ,safety, cleanliness, and that we are in compliant with all state/county laws.

Shar -pei are highly intelligent and devoted companions.  They are very easy to house train.  Although they can be aloof with strangers they become strongly attached to their human family.  I hope that those of you who are genuinly interested in the breed consider sharing your life with one seriously.  We guarantee your life will never be the same. 


COLORS: Basic colors with black pigmentation(skin, nose, foot pads) Cream,fawn, red, black,brown, sable

                 Dilute colors:no black pigmentation anywhere on the dog:  Apricot, blue, lilac, chocolate, cream, isabella, 5-point red dilute, and sable dilute

AVAILABLE PUPPIES: We have 2 males available. occasionally we have young adults available please inquire if interested

Affiliates: AKC and The Chinese Shar Pei Club of America also Tri-Star kennel Club..  I am a liason for the kennel club working with akc, cspca and local kennel club.

Prices:  Will vary depending on confirmation and color.  All  deposits are nonrefundable.  We except Cash, PayPal , Venmo or U.S Postal Money Order

 Please contact Scott or Katy at 615-919-4574 or 615-854-1365 [email protected] for any questions!